David Edrington, Architect


Riverwood Drive is a small neo-traditional neighborhood along the Willamette Greenway near Marist High School. It was developed and is being constructed by Jack Adkins, Contractor.  The bungalows line a pedestrian friendly street and the alley houses have access from a quiet alley dominated by big-leaf maples. Cars park in the rear of the homes down a grassy driveway and the bungalows provide generous south-facing front porches and sunrooms on a tree-lined street. The materials and details of the buildings borrow from the Eugene bungalows of the 1920s and 1930s.

The houses at Riverwood Drive consist of a variety of designs.  The Bungalow Design has been on the Eugene Tour of Homes in 1997 and 1998.  This design will accommodate many options and variations and can be tailored to the needs of many owners.  It is about 1875 sq.ft. with a  generous front porch and sunroom facing the street.  Near the front of the house are the living room and main bedroom suite, with a large bathroom.  In the center is a dining room framed in half walls and wood columns.  In the rear of the house are the kitchen, breakfast area and utility room. Upstairs are two generous guest rooms, a library and a large bathroom.  The garage is in the rear with a grassy shared driveway.  Materials consist of hardwood floors, enameled painted trim, native-wood cabinets and energy-efficient insulation and construction.  This is a modest-sized, high-quality, carefully designed, friendly home.

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